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Beast with Five Fingers, The (1946)

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The Beast with Five Fingers
The Beast with Five Fingers
Directed By Robert Florey
Written By William Fryer Harvey, Curt Siodmak
Cast Robert Alda, Andrea King, Victor Francen, Peter Lorre
Produced By William Jacobs
Film Editing By Frank Magee
Cinematography By Wesley Anderson
Music By Max Steiner

United States



Release Date

December 25, 1946


88 Minutes

Distributed By

Warner Bros.



  • Robert Alda as Bruce Conrad
  • Andrea King as Julie Holden
  • Peter Lorre as Hilary Cummins
  • Victor Francen as Francis Ingram
  • J. Carrol Naish as Commissario Ovidio Castanio
  • Charles Dingle as Raymond Arlington
  • John Alvin as Donald Arlington
  • David Hoffman as Duprex



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