Beyond the Time Barrier
Beyond the Time Barrier
Directed By Edgar G. Ulmer
Screenplay By Arthur C. Pierce
Cast Robert Clarke, Arianne Ulmer, Darlene Tompkins, Ken Knox
Produced By Robert Clarke
Film Editing By Jack Ruggiero
Cinematography By Meredith M. Nicholson
Music By Darrell Calker

United States



Release Date

July 1960


75 Minutes

Distributed By

American International Pictures



  • Robert Clarke as Maj. William Allison
  • Darlene Tompkins as Princess Trirene
  • Vladimir Sokoloff as The Supreme
  • Boyd 'Red' Morgan as Captain
  • Stephen Bekassy as Gen. Karl Kruse
  • Arianne Ulmer as Capt. Markova
  • John van Dreelen as Dr. Bourman
  • Ken Knox as Col. Marty Martin
  • Jack Herman as Dr. Richman
  • Don Flournoy as Mutant
  • Tom Ravick as Mutant
  • James 'Ike' Altgens as Secretary Lloyd Patterson
  • William Shephard as Gen. York
  • John Loughney as Gen. Lamont



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