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Black Mask
Black Mask 1996
Directed By Daniel Lee
Screenplay By Teddy Chan, Ann Hui, Joe Ma, Tsui Hark
Cast Jet Li, Karen Mok, Anthony Wong, Francoise Yip
Produced By Tsui Hark
Film Editing By Cheung Ka-Fai
Cinematography By Tony Cheung
Music By Teddy Robin Kwan

Film Workshop, Tommy Boy, Win's Entertainment,


Hong Kong



Release Date

November 9, 1996


102 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

China Star Entertainment Group, Win's Entertainment, Artisan Entertainment



  • Jet Li as Black Mask
  • Ching Wan Lau as Inspector 'Rock' Shek Wai-Ho
  • Karen Mok as Tracy Lee
  • Francoise Yip as Yeuk Laan
  • Kong Lung as Commander Hung
  • Anthony Wong as King Kau
  • Xin Xin Xiong as Jimmy Jimmy
  • Ken Lok as Yeuk Laan
  • Henry Fong as Ricky Tai
  • Roy Szeto as Szeto



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