Blazing Saddles
Blazing Saddles
Directed By Mel Brooks
Screenplay By Andrew Bergman, Mel Brooks, Richard Pryor, Al Uger, Norman Steinberg
Cast Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn, Mel Brooks
Produced By Michael Hertzberg
Film Editing By Danford B. Greene, John C. Howard
Cinematography By Joseph F. Biroc
Music By Mel Brooks, John Morris

United States



Release Date

February 7, 1974


95 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Warner Bros.

Budget $2,600,000
Gross $119,500,000



  • Cleavon Little as Sheriff Bart
  • Gene Wilder as Jim
  • Harvey Korman as Hedley Lamarr
  • Madeline Kahn as Lili von Shtupp
  • Slim Pickens as Taggart
  • Dom DeLuise as Buddy Bizarre
  • Alex Karras as Mongo
  • Mel Brooks as Gov. William J. Le Petomane and Indian Chief
  • Liam Dunn as Reverend Johnson
  • George Furth as Van Johnson
  • Burton Gilliam as Lyle
  • John Hillerman as Howard Johnson
  • David Huddleston as Olson Johnson
  • Richard Collier as Dr. Samuel Johnson
  • Jack Starrett as Gabby Johnson
  • Robyn Hilton as Miss Stein
  • Charles McGregor as Charlie
  • Robert Ridgely as Boris
  • Carol Arthur as Harriet Johnson



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