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The Blood of Hussain
The Blood of Hussain
Directed By Jamil Dehlavi
Written By Jamil Dehlavi, Rafiq Abdullah
Cast Salmaan Peerzada, Durriya Kazi, Kika Markham
Produced By Jamil Dehlavi
Film Editing By Sue Kingsley, Jamil Dehlavi
Cinematography By Walter Lassally, Jamil Dehlavi



Urdu, English

Release Date

October 1980, February 1981


112 Minutes

Distributed By

Parindah Films Ltd, Cinegate Ltd.



  • Salmaan Peerzada as Hussain Murtaza
  • Kika Markham as Katherine
  • Durriya Kazi as Hussain's Wife
  • Kabuli Baba as Fakir
  • Mirza Ghazanfar Begg as General
  • Fauzia Zareen as General's Wife
  • Abdul Karim Baloch as Akbar
  • Jamil Dehlavi as Zahid
  • Mubila as Prostitute
  • Khayyam Sarhadi as Policeman
  • Aliya Begam as Mother
  • Shoaib Hashmi as Man at Dinner Table
  • Samina Peerzada as General's Daughter
  • Imraan Peerzada as Steward



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