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Bloodbath at the House of Death
Bloodbath at the House of Death
Directed By Ray Cameron
Written By Ray Cameron, Barry Cryer
Cast Pamela Stephenson, Gareth Hunt, Kenny Everett
Produced By Ray Cameron, John Downes, Laurence Myers
Film Editing By Brian Tagg
Cinematography By Dusty Miller, Brian West
Music By Mark London, Mike Moran

Wildwood Productions





Release Date

March 30, 1984


88 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Goldfarb Distribution, Nucleus Films Ltd



  • Kenny Everett as Dr. Lukas Mandeville
  • Pamela Stephenson as Dr. Barbara Coyle
  • Vincent Price as Sinister Man
  • Gareth Hunt as Elliot Broome
  • Don Warrington as Stephen Wilson
  • John Fortune as John Harrison
  • Sheila Steafel as Sheila Finch
  • John Stephen Hill as Henry Noland
  • Cleo Rocos as Deborah Kedding
  • Graham Stark as The Blind Man
  • Pat Ashton as Barmaid
  • David Lodge as Inspector Goule
  • Debbie Linden as Attractive Girl
  • Tim Barrett as Doctor
  • Barry Cryer as Police Inspector
  • Anna Dawson as Nurse
  • Michael McIntyre as E.T.



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