Blow 2001
Directed By Ted Demme
Written By Nick Cassavetes, David McKenna
Cast Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Paul Reubens, Jordi Molla
Produced By Ted Demme, Denis Leary, Joel Stillerman
Film Editing By Kevin Tent
Cinematography By Ellen Kuras

United States



Release Date

April 6, 2001


124 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

New Line Cinema

Budget $53,000,000
Gross $83,282,296



  • Johnny Depp as George Jung
  • Jesse James as Young George
  • Penelope Cruz as Mirtha Jung
  • Franka Potente as Barbara "Barbie" Buckley
  • Rachel Griffiths as Ermine Jung
  • Paul Reubens as Derek Foreal
  • Jordi Molla as Diego Delgado
  • Cliff Curtis as Pablo Emilio "El Patron" Escobar Gaviria
  • Max Perlich as Kevin Dulli
  • Miguel Sandoval as Augusto Oliveras
  • Ethan Suplee as Tuna
  • Alan James Morgan as Young Tuna
  • Ray Liotta as Frederick "Fred" Jung
  • Kevin Gage as Leon Minghella
  • Tony Amendola as Sanchez
  • Bobcat Goldthwait as Mr. T
  • Emma Roberts as Kristina Sunshine Jung
  • Jaime King as Older Kristina



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