The Blue Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon 1949
Directed By Frank Launder
Screenplay By John Baines, Michael Hogan, Frank Launder
Cast Jean Simmons, Donald Houston, James Hayter
Produced By Frank Launder, Sidney Gilliat
Film Editing By Thelma Connell
Cinematography By Geoffrey Unsworth
Music By Clifton Parker

United Kingdom



Release Date

October 1, 1949


101 Minutes

Distributed By

General Film Distributors, Universal Pictures



  • Jean Simmons as Emmeline Foster
  • Donald Houston as Michael Reynolds
  • Susan Stranks as Emmeline (younger)
  • Peter Rudolph Jones as Michael (younger)
  • Noel Purcell as Paddy Button
  • James Hayter as Dr. Murdock
  • Cyril Cusack as James Carter
  • Nora Nicholson as Mrs. Stannard
  • Maurice Denham as Ship's Captain
  • Philip Stainton as Mr. Ansty
  • Patrick Barr as Second Mate
  • Lyn Evans as Trotter
  • Russell Waters as Craggs
  • John Boxer as Nick Corbett
  • Bill Raymond as Marsden



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