Bolt 2008
Fully Awesome. Ridonculous. Let It Begin.

Real Life's A Total Adventure!
A Hero Is Unleashed 2008.

Directed By Chris Williams, Byron Howard
Screenplay By Dan Fogelman, Chris Williams
Cast John Travolta, Miley Cyrus, Susie Essman, Mark Walton
Produced By Clark Spencer, John Lasseter
Film Editing By Tim Mertens
Music By John Powell

Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios


United States



Release Date

November 21, 2008


96 Minutes

Rating PG
Distributed By

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Budget $150,000,000
Gross $309,979,994


Bolt is the strongest canine in the world! Or at least in his television series. The problem is that Bolt truly believes that he truly does possess superpowers and that all of the stuff on the television episodes are real. So when he accidentally leaves his specially created Hollywood set, reality is going to be a harsh lesson for the super pooch as he embarks on his greatest adventure; to find his way back home.


  • John Travolta as Bolt
  • Susie Essman as Mittens
  • Mark Walton as Rhino
  • Miley Cyrus as Penny
  • Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Calico
  • Nick Swardson as Blake
  • Diedrich Bader as Veteran Cat
  • Chloe Grace Moretz as Young Penny
  • James Lipton as The Director
  • Randy Savage as Thug
  • Kari Wahlgren as Mindy
  • J.P. Manoux as Tom
  • Brian Stepanek as Martin
  • John DiMaggio as Saul




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