The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down
The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down
Directed By Paul Sapiano
Written By Paul Sapiano
Cast Cricket Leigh, Leyla Milani, Steve Monroe, Selena Fara
Produced By Hani Selim, Enrique Aguirre, Sarah M. Wasserman
Film Editing By Enrique Aguirre
Cinematography By Roman Jackobi
Music By Amine Ramer, Dan Mancini

Big Primpin Productions, Concrete Images, Boys and Girls Guide, King Cut Entertainment


United States



Release Date

June 25, 2006, March 23, 2007


92 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Kosmic Films, Boys and Girls Guide, Inferno Distribution, Peace Arch Entertainment Group



  • Cricket Leigh as Bernice
  • Kat Turner as Kate
  • Selena Fara as Tiffany
  • Natalie Taylor as Sarah
  • Dominique Purdy as Jonny
  • Benny Ciaramello as Orlando
  • Steve Monroe as Bryce
  • Michael Fitzgibbon as Andy
  • Leyla Milani as Brittany
  • Jeff B. Davis as Marty
  • Juan Pacheco as Tony
  • Brendan McNamara as Calum
  • Davin Anderson as Peter
  • Justin Cotta as Eugene
  • Richard Blair as Daniel
  • Pete Czechvala as Robert
  • Navia Nguyen as June
  • C.C. Sheffield as Rebecca
  • Kate Gilbert as April
  • Greg Studley as Greg
  • Mario Diaz as John
  • Juliette Long as Angie
  • Cassie Hamilton as Skylar
  • Jessica Ross as Lauren
  • Billy Bonez as Hector
  • Mitchel Evens as Dr. Heizakeit
  • James Bonadio as Dillion
  • Ravi Patel as Rajiv
  • Dennis Haskins as Himself
  • Lyn Embree as Shannon
  • Lisa Papineau as Female Narrator
  • Penelope Tuesdae as Pussy Power Woman 1
  • T. Lopez as Pussy Power Woman 2
  • Simona Fusco as Pussy Power Woman 3
  • Kran Clay as Brutus
  • Luis Huynh as Jamie
  • Dana Emberson as Policeman 1
  • James Collins as Policeman 2
  • Chris Chauncey as Policeman 3
  • Coyote Shivers as Bones
  • Oscar "Big O" Dilan as Bouncer Teacher
  • Daisy O'Dell as Door Girl
  • Geoff Potts as Oliver Quinn
  • Bobby Silva as Door Guy
  • Chad Dziedzickle as Shoe Guy
  • Sabrina Bachelier as Mother 1
  • Kim Nakakura as Mother 2
  • Noelle Karaki as Mother 3
  • Costa Aguirre as Boy 1
  • William Rocket Scott as Boy 2
  • Alex McGee-De La Torre as Boy 3
  • Gabrielle Karaki as Girl
  • Dita De Leon as Vanessa
  • Shannon Adams as Vanessa's Girlfriend
  • Benjamin Fifth as Big Rick
  • Nathaniel "Nat-Dog" Lee Lewis as Gangster Dealer
  • Lus Fernandez-Gil as High-end Dealer
  • John Paul Castillo as Dealer on Bike
  • Chad Williams as EMT Guy
  • Kelly Mantle as Drag Queen
  • Nicholas Leverette as Bo
  • Greg Cipes as Drunk Driver
  • Yowzah! As Club Dealer
  • Jayime Baily as Stripper
  • Christine St. Mars as Carly
  • Jeremy Miller as Euphoric Guy 2
  • Mihaela Cojocaru as Beer Goggles Girl
  • Karen Gilles as Crying Girl
  • Mika Winkler as Short Chick
  • Mae Moreno as Strip Game Girl 1
  • Jasmine Phelps as Strip Game Girl 2
  • Denise Kivkova as Stripper
  • Mihran as UPS Guy



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