The Bride with White Hair
The Bride with White Hair
Directed By Ronny Yu
Screenplay By Ronny Yu, Lam Kei-to, Elsa Tang, David Wu
Cast Leslie Cheung, Brigitte Lin, Yammie Lam, Francis Ng
Produced By Ronny Yu, Clifton Ko, Raymond Wong
Film Editing By David Wu
Cinematography By Peter Pau, Lee Tak-shing
Music By Richard Yuen

Ronny Yu Films Ltd.


Hong Kong


Mandarin, Cantonese

Release Date

August 26, 1993


92 Minutes

Distributed By

Mandarin Films Distribution Co. Ltd.

Gross $19,869,359



  • Brigitte Lin as Lian Nichang
  • Leslie Cheung as Zhuo Yihang
  • Francis Ng as Male Ji Wushuang
  • Elaine Lui as Female Ji Wushuang
  • Kit Ying Lam as Ho Lu Hua
  • Yammie Lam as He Luhua
  • Joseph Cheng as Yu Xincheng
  • King-Kei Cheng as Hsin Cheng
  • Lok Lam Law as Pai Yun
  • Eddy Ko as Wu Sangui
  • Jeffrey Lau as Sect Elder
  • Leila Tong as Young Zhuo Yihang
  • Fong Pao as Master Tzu Yang



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