Brotherhood of the Wolf
Brotherhood of the Wolf
Directed By Christophe Gans
Written By Christophe Gans, Stephane Cabel
Cast Vincent Cassel, Monica Bellucci, Mark Dacascos
Produced By Samuel Hadida, Richard Grandpierre
Film Editing By Xavier Loutreuil, David Wu, Sebastien Prangere
Cinematography By Dan Laustsen
Music By Joseph LoDuca

Davis-Films, Eskwad, Canal+




French, German, Italian

Release Date

January 31, 2001


142 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Metropolitan Filmexport, Universal Pictures

Budget $29,000,000
Gross $70,752,904



  • Samuel Le Bihan as Knight Gregoire de Fronsac
  • Jacques Perrin as Older Thomas d'Apcher
  • Vincent Cassel as Jean-Francois de Morangias
  • Emilie Dequenne as Marianne de Morangias
  • Monica Bellucci as Sylvia
  • Jeremie Renier as Marquis Thomas d'Apcher
  • Mark Dacascos as Mani
  • Jean Yanne as Count de Morangias
  • Jean-Francois Stevenin as Father Henri Sardis
  • Edith Scob as Countess Genevieve de Morangias
  • Johan Leysen as Antoine de Beauterne
  • Bernard Farcy as Intendant Pierre-Jean Laffont
  • Hans Meyer as Marquis d'Apcher
  • Virginie Darmon as La Bavarde
  • Philippe Nahon as Jean Chastel
  • Eric Prat as Captain Duhamel
  • Jean-Loup Wolff as Duke Gontrand de Moncan
  • Gaspard Ulliel as Louis
  • Christian Marc as Serviteur Thomas Age
  • Karin Kristrom as Bergere du Rocher
  • Michel Puterflam as Eveque de Mende
  • Nicky Naude as La Felure
  • Virginie Arnaud as La Pintade
  • Charles Maquignon as Valet Maison Teissier
  • Isabelle Le Nouvel as La Prostituee Brunette
  • Albane Fioretti as Prostituee Teissier
  • Clarice Plasteig dit Caffou as Prostituee Teissier
  • Delphine Hivernet as Valentine
  • Juliette Lamboley as Cecile
  • Stephane Pioffet as Paysan
  • Christelle Droy as Bergere Dollines
  • Nadine Marcovici as Jeanne
  • Jean-Claude Braquet as Pierre
  • David Bogino as Lanceur de Couteaux
  • Francois Hadji-Lazaro as Machemort
  • Pascal Laugier as Assistant de Machemort
  • Olivier Colat-Parros as Hands Fronsac
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Beast (voice)




Brotherhood of the Wolf Official Trailer 1 - Vincent Cassel Movie (2001) HD01:43

Brotherhood of the Wolf Official Trailer 1 - Vincent Cassel Movie (2001) HD

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