Bruce Almighty
Bruce Almighty
Directed By Tom Shadyac
Screenplay By Steve Oedekerk, Steve Koren, Mark O'Keefe
Cast Jim Carrey, Jennifer Aniston, Morgan Freeman, Steve Carrell, Lisa Ann Walter
Produced By Mark O'Keefe, Tom Shadyac, Michael Bostick, Jim Carrey, James D. Brubaker
Film Editing By Scott Hill
Cinematography By Dean Semler
Music By John Debney

Spyglass Entertainment, Pit Bull Productions, Shady Acres Entertainment


United States



Release Date

May 23, 2003


101 Minutes

Rating PG-13
Distributed By

Buena Vista International, Universal Pictures, Touchstone Pictures

Budget $81,000,000
Gross $484,592,874


Television reporter Bruce Nolan is convinced that he's the only one in the world with problems and his life is completely unfair, often blaming God for his failures. However, one time he complains too much and God gets fed up and pays him a visit to proffers a deal for Bruce to prove it and do his job better. For one week Bruce will possess all of the powers of God and chaos starts to be unleashed as Bruce discovers that phenomenal cosmic power isn't quite what it's cracked up to be.


  • Jim Carrey as Bruce Nolan
  • Morgan Freeman as God
  • Jennifer Aniston as Grace Connelly
  • Lisa Ann Walter as Debbie Connelly
  • Philip Baker Hall as Jack Baylor
  • Steve Carell as Evan Baxter
  • Catherine Bell as Susan Ortega
  • Sally Kirkland as Anita Mann
  • Nora Dunn as Ally Loman
  • Eddie Jemison as Bobby
  • Micah Stephen Williams as Boy on Bike
  • Tony Bennett as Himself
  • Juan Valdez as Himself
  • John Murphy as Himself
  • Madeline Lovejoy as Zoe
  • Noel Gugliemi as Hood