Bruce Campbell
Bruce Campbell
General Information
Birth Name Bruce Lorne Campbell
Gender Male

Birth Place Royal Oak, Michigan
Birth Date June 22, 1958
Occupation Actor, Cinematographer, Director, Producer, Writer
Years Active 1972 to Present




  • A childhood friend of Sam Raimi who was fascinated with making films at an early age; Raimi would often shoot their own films with Campbell acting in them. This trend continues to adulthood with Campbell often starring or having cameo roles in numerous films and TV projects of Sam Raimi.
  • He has babysat for Ted Raimi, the younger brother of his childhood friend Sam Raimi.
  • He is a second cousin to actor Billy Campbell.
  • His favorite movie is The Bridge on the River Kwai.


  • "I see parody as another form of comedy."
  • "There is a large element of me in every role I do."

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