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Buck Wild
Buck Wild
Directed By Tyler Glodt
Written By Matthew Albrecht, Tyler Glodt
Cast Matthew Albrecht, Jarrod Pistilli, Dru Lockwood
Produced By Matthew Albrecht, Tyler Glodt, Christian Sosa, Stacey Crawford, Taylor Thompson
Film Editing By Lynel Moore, Tyler Glodt
Cinematography By Tod Campbell
Music By Joel Thompson

Conation Films


United States



Release Date

April 2013 (Dallas Film Festival), March 18, 2014 (United States)


96 Minutes

Distributed By

Millennium Entertainment



  • Matthew Albrecht as Craig Thompson
  • Jarrod Pistilli as Jerry
  • Dru Lockwood as Tom Alexander
  • Isaac Harrison as Lance
  • Mark Ford as Billy Ray
  • Meg Cionni as Candy
  • Joe Stevens as Clyde
  • Tyler Glodt as Officer Shipley
  • Amelia Meyers as Carla
  • Whit Albrecht as Priest
  • Joe Canik as Dale
  • Jason Harris as Clem
  • Chance Burton Murphy as Murph
  • Joe Stevens as Clyde




Buck Wild Movie - OFFICIAL TRAILER 2014 (Zombie Comedy01:53

Buck Wild Movie - OFFICIAL TRAILER 2014 (Zombie Comedy

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