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Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever
Cabin Fever 2 Spring Fever
Directed By Ti West
Written By Joshua Malkin
Cast Rider Strong, Noah Segan, Alexi Wasser, Marc Senter
Produced By Jonathan Sachar, Patrick Durham, Lauren Moews Vilchik
Film Editing By Janice Hampton
Cinematography By Eliot Rockett
Music By Ryan Shore

Morningstar Films, Tonic Films, Aloe Entertainment, Proud Mary Entertainment, Tunnel Post, Wingman Productions, Carr Miller Entertainment


United States



Release Date

September 23, 2009 (Fantastic Fest), February 16, 2010


86 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By




  • Noah Segan as John
  • Rusty Kelley as Alex
  • Alexi Wasser as Cassie
  • Giuseppe Andrews as Winston
  • Regan Deal as Liz Grillington
  • Marc Senter as Marc
  • Michael Bowen as Principal Sinclair
  • Lindsey Axelsson as Sandy
  • Angela Oberer as Ms. Hawker
  • Amanda Jelks as Frederica
  • Judah Friedlander as Toby
  • Alexander Isaiah Thomas as Dane
  • Patrick Durham as Banker Lucas
  • Mark Borchardt as Herman
  • Larry Fessenden as Bill
  • Lisa H. Sackerman as Sores Girl
  • Rider Strong as Paul



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