Julius Caesar
General Information

Gender Male
Birthday Unknown
Race Human
TV Show Xena: Warrior Princess
Credit Karl Urban


Caesar is a recurring character from Xena: Warrior Princess. He is an ambitious Roman General who aspires to become Emperor of the Roman Empire.


Xena met Julius Caesar years ago in her dark past. She thought she saw a powerful ally in Caesar but he betrayed her for his own selfish, ambitious ends. He saw himself as destined to rule the world and dreamed of becoming Emperor of Rome. He didn't care that he betrayed Xena in the process. This made them life-long bitter enemies and they would confront each other several times. Whenever Caesar enters the picture, there is a danger of Xena's judgment being marred by her desire for vengeance against him.

Major Plots

Personality and Traits



Appearances in Xena: Warrior Princess

2.12 Destiny

3.4 The Deliverer
3.12 The Bitter Suite
3.16 When in Rome...

4.5 A Good Day
4.20 Endgame
4.21 The Ides of March

6.18 When Fates Collide

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