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Carried Away
Carried Away 1996
Directed By Bruno Barreto
Screenplay By Ed Jones
Cast Dennis Hopper, Amy Locane, Priscilla Pointer, Amy Irving
Produced By Paul Hertzberg, Amy Irving
Film Editing By Bruce Cannon
Cinematography By Declan Quinn, Russ Brandt
Music By Bruce Broughton, Jack Fulton




Release Date

March 29, 1996


109 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Fine Line Features



  • Dennis Hopper as Joseph Svenden
  • Amy Irving as Rosealee Henson
  • Amy Locane as Catherine Wheeler
  • Julie Harris as Joseph’s Mother
  • Gary Busey as Major Nathan Wheeler
  • Hal Holbrook as Doctor Evans
  • Christopher Pettiet as Robert Henson
  • Priscilla Pointer as Lily Henson
  • Gail Cronauer as Beverly
  • Todd Duffey as Young Joseph
  • Alissa Alban as School Board Superintendent
  • E.J. Morris as School Board Woman
  • Joe Stevens as School Board Man
  • Connie Cooper as Charlotte
  • Eleese Lester as Marie
  • Doug Jackson as Frank



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