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Cars 2006
Life is a journey. Enjoy the trip.
Directed By John Lasseter
Screenplay By Dan Fogelman, Kiel Murray, John Lasseter, Joe Ranft, Jorgen Klubien, Phil Lorin
Cast Owen Wilson, Paul Newman, Larry the Cable Guy
Produced By Darla K. Anderson
Film Editing By Ken Schretzmann
Cinematography By Jeremy Lasky, Jean Claude Kalache
Music By Randy Newman

Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios


United States



Release Date

June 9, 2006


116 Minutes

Rating G
Distributed By

Buena Vista Pictures

Budget $120,000,000
Gross $461,983,149


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  • Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen
  • Paul Newman as Doc Hudson
  • Bonnie Hunt as Sally Carrera
  • Larry the Cable Guy as Mater
  • Tony Shalhoub as Luigi
  • Cheech Marin as Ramone
  • Michael Wallis as Sheriff
  • George Carlin as Fillmore
  • Paul Dooley as Sarge
  • Jenifer Lewis as Flo
  • Richard Petty as Strip "The King" Weathers
  • Michael Keaton as Chick Hicks
  • John Ratzenberger as Mack
  • Katherine Helmond as Lizzie



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