General Information

Gender Male
Aliases Cas, Steve, God
Race Angel
TV Show Supernatural
Credit Misha Collins


Castiel is an Angel, able to kill Demons.


Major Plots

Season 4

He saves Dean Winchester from Hell and instructs him to help him and the Angels to stop the apocalypse from starting.

Season 5

Castiel works with Sam and Dean Winchester in stopping the horrors of the apocalypse and Lucifer's four Horsemen.

Season 6

After Sam has tricked Castiel into helping him find Crowley, Castiel, along with Meg Masters and Dean, hunt for Crowley's whereabouts at the Campbell compound. Over there, Dean and Castiel argue whether it is safe to return Sam's soul. Castiel states that Sam might turn up worse since his soul has been stuck in a cage with Lucifer and Michael. Then, Castiel and his group run into a pack of Hell Hounds. Meg kisses Castiel in order to steal Castiel's Angel Blade, but she gets overwhelmed by Castiel who kisses her back.

Season 8

While Kevin Tran and the group work on sealing Hell, Castiel tries to prevent the Angel Tablet from falling into Crowley's hands and Naomi's, too. When Castiel runs into Metatron, he aids Metatron in sealing Heaven by completing the three trials. However, Metatron tricks Castiel and steals his grace.

Season 9

After being robbed of his Grace by Metatron, Castiel learns the way of being human as he survives attacks from his own people, the Angels who are mad at him for being kicked out from their homes.

Season 10

Season 11

In the quest to stop Amara, Castiel aids Sam and Dean when Sam attempts to contact Lucifer for help. Turns out Lucifer has trick Sam, and during the fight with Lucifer in the cage, Castiel gives consent over his vessel to Lucifer, believing Lucifer can take down the darkness. Lucifer who is in Castiel's body disposes of Rowena and then dethrones Crowley.

Personality and Traits

At first, Castiel is an emotionless soldier who worked within his role as an Angel. As he interacts with Dean and Sam, he begins to question his orders. He becomes conflicted in his ambitions. He wants to save lives just like Sam and Dean. His decisions with Heaven and absorbing souls from Purgatory left him confused and powerless. He seeks to fix his mistakes after regaining his resolve.