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{{Tab Template
|tab1=Main Article
|tab2=Image Gallery
{{infobox character
 | title         = name of character
 | image         = filename.png
 | gender        = [[:Name of Category page|Male or Female]]
 | aliases       = 
 | age           = 
 | race          = Human
 | tv show       = [[page name|name of show without year in parenthesis]]
 | film          = [[page name|name of film without year in parenthesis]]
 | credit        = 
++Give a couple of lines about the character here.++
++Give some about the character's origins here.++
==Major Plots==
++Tell us about major plot thread that this character is a 
part of in this section.
==Personality and Traits==
++What is this character like? 
How do they behave?
Are they good or evil or somewhere inbetween?
What abilities/powers do they posess?++
++If your character has appeared in multiple places, then list it here.
++Any films where they actually appeared, even in a non-speaking role or flashbacks.
(Don't bother if they're just casually mentioned.)  Use Bullets for each entry.++
==='''TV Series'''===
++List each TV series that they have popped up in and include which episode(s) if necessary.
Use Bullets for each entry and if longer than 8 entries, you can use a scroll box!++
++List little-known and interesting facts here.  Use Bullets for each entry.++
++List the character's quotable quotes or monologues here. Do not include dialogue between the character and others; that goes on the Movies or Episode Pages.  Use Bullets for each entry.++
==Other Versions==
++Fill out this section only if there are multiple incarnations of a character or if they are in a totally different continuity/universe.  Use Bullets for each entry.++
==Related Pages==
++Fill out this section if there are any related pages to the character on the Wiki.
=== '''''Affiliations''''' ===
++If the character is or was a part of a Team, then list it.
Maybe they're one-half a famous duo, list their partners too.
Use Bullets for each entry.++
==='''''Legacy Characters'''''===
++Occasionally, there are multiple characters who share a strong link or connection.
This could by virtue that they are part of some sort of legacy or generational alias which have been passed down by multiple individuals over the years.
Use Bullets for each entry.++

  • Copy/paste the block of code above into a new empty page.
  • Make sure you are pasting it into either the Source Tab of the Classic Editor or that you have selected Source Editor from the Newer Visual Editor interface menu.
Visual Editor-Source Editor

Finding the Source Editor in the newer Visual Editor Interface

This will give you a basic character page from which you can start to fill in the blanks. If the page is published without making any changes first it will look something like the image below.

Character Page Example

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