Chariots of Fire
Chariots of Fire
Directed By Hugh Hudson
Written By Colin Welland
Cast Ben Cross, Cheryl Campbell, Ian Charleson, Alice Krige
Produced By David Puttnam
Film Editing By Terry Rawlings
Cinematography By David Watkin
Music By Vangelis

Allied Stars Ltd, Goldcrest Films, Enigma Productions


United Kingdom



Release Date

March 30, 1981


124 Minutes

Rating PG
Distributed By

20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, The Ladd Company

Gross $58,972,904



  • Ben Cross as Harold Abrahams
  • Ian Charleson as Eric Liddell
  • Nicholas Farrell as Aubrey Montague
  • Nigel Havers as Lord Andrew Lindsay
  • Ian Holm as Sam Mussabini
  • Cheryl Campbell as Jennie Liddell
  • Alice Krige as Sybil Gordon
  • Struan Rodger as Sandy McGrath
  • Nigel Davenport as Lord Birkenhead
  • Patrick Magee as Lord Cadogan
  • David Yelland as The Prince of Wales
  • Peter Egan as The Duke of Sutherland
  • Daniel Gerroll as Henry Stallard
  • Dennis Christopher as Charley Paddock
  • Brad Davis as Jackson Scholz



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