General Information

Gender Male
Aliases Chewie
Age 200+
Race Wookie
TV Show
Film Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
Credit Peter Mayhew


Chewbacca is a member of the alien race known as Wookies. His best friend is Han Solo, captain of the legendary Millennium Falcon, serving as the ships co-pilot. His vocal cords only allow him to speak his native language, and enjoys the reputation of his race's notorious short temper.


Major Plots

Personality and Traits




  • During early filming of Star Wars Episode IV, studio executives were very unhappy with Chewbacca's appearance. They suggested that Chewbacca's costume be redesigned as they felt it unbecoming that he was "naked". For a more family friendly design, they suggested he have a pair of shorts.
  • The name "wookie" for Chewbacca's alien race was inadvertently coined by San Francisco DJ Terry McGovern in 1971 while he was working for George Lucas' THX 1138 film. While saying his lines, he blundered and proclaimed, "I think I ran over a wookie back there," and afterwards said that he made up the word. Lucas remembered it and thought it was cute.


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