Fist of Fury
Fist of Fury
Directed By Lo Wei
Written By Lo Wei
Cast Bruce Lee, Nora Miao, Lo Wei, Tien Feng, Paul Wei, Feng Yi
Produced By Raymond Chow
Film Editing By Peter Cheung
Cinematography By Chan Ching-kui
Music By Joseph Koo

Hong Kong



Release Date

March 22, 1972


108 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

National General Pictures, Golden Harvest



  • Bruce Lee as Chen Zhen
  • Nora Miao as Yuan Li'er
  • Riki Hashimoto as Hiroshi Suzuki
  • Robert Baker as Petrov
  • Tien Feng as Fan Junxia
  • Paul Wei as Wu En
  • Feng Yi as Yoshida
  • Lo Wei as Inspector Lo
  • Wong Chung-shun as Tien
  • Han Ying-chieh as Feng Guishi
  • James Tien as Fan Jiaqi



The Film is Also Know As...

  • The Chinese Connection
  • The Iron Hand

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