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Chopper Chicks in Zombietown
Chopper Chicks in Zombietown
Directed By Dan Hoskins
Written By Dan Hoskins
Cast Jamie Rose, Vicki Frederick, Billy Bob Thornton, Don Calfa
Produced By James Hardy
Film Editing By W.O. Garrett
Cinematography By Tom Fraser
Music By Daniel May

Mach Studios, BlondMax


United States



Release Date



86 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Troma Entertainment



  • Jamie Rose as Dede
  • Catherine Carlen as Rox
  • Lycia Naff as T.C.
  • Vicki Frederick as Jewel
  • Kristina Loggia as Jojo
  • Gretchen Palmer as Rusty
  • Nina von Arx as Tanya
  • Whitney Reis as Lucile
  • Ed Gale as Bob Littleton
  • Don Calfa as Ralph Willum
  • Martha Quinn as Mae Clutter
  • Earl Boen as Butcher
  • Billy Bob Thornton as Donny
  • Lewis Arquette as Sheriff Bugiere
  • Hal Sparks as Lance
  • Rob King as Vince
  • Mel Castelo as Jeanne
  • Kea Katz as Mary Anne
  • Catherine Craft as Naomi
  • David Knell as Booge
  • Gwil Richards as Henry Clutter



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