City of the Living Dead
City of the Living Dead
Directed By Lucio Fulci
Written By Dardano Sacchetti, Lucio Fulci
Cast Christopher George, Catriona MacColl, Antonella Interlenghi
Produced By Giovanni Masini, Lucio Fulci, Robert E. Warner
Film Editing By Vincenzo Tomassi
Cinematography By Sergio Salvati
Music By Fabio Frizzi

Medusa Distribuzione, Dania Film, National Cinematografica




English, Italian

Release Date

August 11, 1980


93 Minutes



  • Christopher George as Peter Bell
  • Catriona MacColl as Mary Woodhouse
  • Carlo De Mejo as Gerry
  • Janet Agren as Sandra
  • Antonella Interlenghi as Emily Robbins
  • Giovanni Lombardo Radice as Bob
  • Daniela Doria as Rosie Kelvin
  • Fabrizio Jovine as Father William Thomas
  • Luca Venantini as John-John Robbins
  • Michele Soavi as Tommy Fisher
  • Venantino Venantini as Mr. Ross
  • Adelaide Aste as Theresa
  • Robert Sampson as Sheriff Russell
  • Lucio Fulci as Dr. Joe Thompson
  • Michael Gaunt as the Gravedigger #1
  • Perry Pirkanen as the Blonde Gravedigger
  • James Sampson as James McLuhan
  • Martin Sorrentino as Sgt. Clay




City of the Living Dead (1980) Trailer03:04

City of the Living Dead (1980) Trailer

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