A Clockwork Orange
A Clockwork Orange
Directed By Stanley Kubrick
Screenplay By Stanley Kubrick
Cast Malcolm McDowell, Patrick Magee, Adrienne Corri, Miriam Karlin, Michael Bates
Produced By Stanley Kubrick
Film Editing By Bill Butler
Cinematography By John Alcott
Music By Walter Carlos

Hawk Films


United Kingdom, United States


English, Nadsat

Release Date

December 19, 1971


136 Minutes

Distributed By

Columbia-Warner, Warner Bros.

Budget $2,200,000
Gross $26,589,355
Based on A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess



  • Malcolm McDowell as Alex DeLarge
  • Patrick Magee as Mr. Frank Alexander
  • Michael Bates as Chief Guard Barnes
  • Warren Clarke as Dim
  • Adrienne Corri as Mrs. Mary Alexander
  • Carl Duering as Dr. Brodsky
  • Paul Farrell as Tramp
  • Clive Francis as Joe the Lodger
  • James Marcus as Georgie
  • Madge Ryan as Dr. Branom
  • Sheila Raynor as Mum
  • Philip Stone as Dad
  • Pauline Taylor as Dr. Taylor
  • Margaret Tyzack as Conspirator Rubinstein
  • Steven Berkoff as Detective Constable Tom
  • Michael Tarn as Pete
  • David Prowse as Julian
  • Richard Connaught as Billyboy
  • Carol Drinkwater as Nurse Feeley
  • Gillian Hills as Sonietta




A Clockwork Orange (1971) HD Trailer (1080p)02:10

A Clockwork Orange (1971) HD Trailer (1080p)

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