Cold Creek Manor
Cold Creek Manor
The perfect house hides the perfect crime.
Directed By Mike Figgis
Written By Richard Jefferies
Cast Dennis Quaid, Sharon Stone, Stephen Dorff, Juliette Lewis
Produced By Annie Stewart, Mike Figgis
Film Editing By Dylan Tichenor
Cinematography By Declan Quinn
Music By Mike Figgis

Touchstone Pictures, Red Mullet, Cold Creek Manor Productions


United States, Canada, United Kingdom



Release Date

September 19, 2003


118 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Buena Vista Pictures

Gross $29,119,434



  • Dennis Quaid as Cooper Tilson
  • Sharon Stone as Leah Tilson
  • Stephen Dorff as Dale Massie
  • Juliette Lewis as Ruby Ferguson
  • Kristen Stewart as Kristen Tilson
  • Christopher Plummer as Mr. Massie
  • Ryan Wilson as Jesse Tilson
  • Dana Eskelson as Sheriff Annie Ferguson
  • Simon Reynolds as Ray Pinski
  • Kathleen Duborg as Ellen Pinski
  • Paula Brancati as Stephanie Pinski
  • Aidan Devine as Skip Linton
  • Wayne Robson as Stan Holland
  • Jordan Pettle as Declan
  • Ray Paisley as Dink
  • Shauna Black as Janice
  • Peter Outerbridge as Dave Miller
  • Karen Glave as Tina



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