The Condemned
The Condemned 2007
Directed By Scott Wiper
Screenplay By Scott Wiper, Rob Hedden
Cast Steve Austin, Vinnie Jones, Emelia Burns, Rick Hoffman
Produced By Joel Simon
Film Editing By Derek Brechin
Cinematography By Ross Emery
Music By Graeme Revell

WWE Films, Colossal Entertainment, New Wave Entertainment


United States



Release Date

April 27, 2007


113 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Lions Gate Entertainment

Gross $8,642,858



  • Steve Austin as Jack Conrad
  • Vinnie Jones as Ewan McStarley
  • Masa Yamaguchi as Go Saiga
  • Emelia Burns as Yasantwa Adei
  • Manu Bennett as Paco Pacheco
  • Dasi Ruz as Rosa Pacheco
  • Marcus Johnson as Kreston Mackie
  • Nathan Jones as Petr Raudsep
  • Andy McPhee as Lamont Bruggerman
  • Rai Fazio as Teach
  • Rick Hoffman as Goldman
  • Robert Mammone as Ian Breckel
  • Tory Mussett as DJ
  • Sam Healy as Bella
  • Madeleine West as Sarah Cavanaugh
  • Luke Pegler as Baxter
  • Angie Milliken as Donna Sereno



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