Crank: High Voltage
Crank High Voltage
Directed By Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor
Written By Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor
Cast Jason Statham, Amy Smart, Bai Ling, David Carradine
Produced By Tom Rosenberg, Gary Lucchesi, Skip Williamson, Richard Wright
Film Editing By Fernando Villena
Cinematography By Brandon Trost
Music By Mike Patton

Lakeshore Entertainment,


United States



Release Date

April 17, 2009


96 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By


Budget $15,000,000
Gross $34,560,577



  • Jason Statham as Chev Chelios
  • Amy Smart as Eve Lydon
  • Efren Ramirez as Venus
  • Dwight Yoakam as Doc Miles
  • Reno Wilson as Orlando
  • Clifton Collins, Jr. as El Huron
  • Bai Ling as Ria
  • Art Hsu as Johnny Vang
  • David Carradine as Poon Dong
  • Geri Halliwell as Karen Chelios
  • Yeva-Genevieve Lavlinski as Pepper
  • Julanne Chidi Hill as Dark Chocolate
  • Jose Pablo Cantillo as Ricky Verona
  • Keone Young as Don Kim
  • Joseph Julian Soria as Chico
  • Corey Haim as Randy
  • Ho-Kwan Tse as Chinese Doctor 1
  • Shu Lan Tuan as Asian Nurse
  • Najja Meeks as Sierra
  • Anne Girard as Nevada
  • Danna Hansen as Glenda Lansing
  • Cherinda Kincherlow as La Precious
  • Mandy Amano as Amanda
  • Jay Xcala as Alex Verona
  • Monique Alexander as Female Porn Star
  • Jenna Haze as Female Porn Star #2
  • Kate Mulligan as Female Porn Star #3
  • Ron Jeremy as Himself
  • Chester Bennington as Hollywood Park Guy



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