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Creatures the World Forgot
Creatures the World Forgot
Directed By Don Chaffey
Written By Michael Carreras
Cast Brian O'Shaughnessy, Julie Ege, Tony Bonner, Marcia Fox
Produced By Michael Carreras
Film Editing By Chris Barnes
Cinematography By Vincent Cox
Music By Mario Nascimbene

Hammer Film Productions


United Kingdom



Release Date

April 18, 1971


95 Minutes

Distributed By

Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment



  • Brian O'Shaughnessy as Mak
  • Julie Ege as Nala
  • Tony Bonner as Toomak
  • Robert John as Rool
  • Sue Wilson as Noo
  • Rosalie Crutchley as The Old Crone
  • Marcia Fox as The Dumb Girl
  • Don Leonard as The Old Leader
  • Beverly Blake as The Young Lover
  • Doon Baide as The Young Male Lover
  • Ken Hare as The Fair Leader
  • Fred Swart as The Marauder Leader
  • Josje Kiesouw as The Young Mute Girl



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