Cry in the Wild: The Taking of Peggy Ann
Cry in the Wild The Taking of Peggy Ann
Directed By Charles Correll
Written By Durrell Royce Crays
Cast Megan Follows, David Morse, Travis Swords, Taylor Fry
Produced By Joel Fields, Ronald Gilbert, Ardythe Goergens, Leonard Hill
Film Editing By Mark Rosenbaum
Cinematography By Steven Shaw
Music By Sylvester Levay




Release Date

May 6, 1991


90 Minutes

Distributed By

A.C.I. Worldwide Distribution, NBC



  • David Morse as Bicycle Pete
  • Megan Follows as Peggy Ann Bradnick
  • Dion Anderson as Ruegg
  • Tom Atkins as Jamieson
  • Travis Swords as Mitulski
  • David Soul as Terry Anderson
  • Jack Kehler as Eugene Bradnick
  • Taylor Fry as Carol Jean Bradnick
  • James Cranna as Lt. Mitarnowski
  • Michael Girardin as Mixell
  • Ronnie Dee Blaire as Bodine
  • Kathryn Howell as Mildred Bradnick
  • Michelle Leaman as Mary-Louise Bradnick
  • Jason Rojek as Daryl Koontz
  • Robert Zameroski as James Bradnick
  • John Gavigan as Ned Price
  • Douglas Rowe as Tom McGinn



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