A Daughter of the Gods
A Daughter of the Gods
Directed By Herbert Brenon
Written By Herbert Brenon
Cast Annette Kellerman, Jane Lee, William E. Shay, Ricca Allen
Produced By William Fox
Film Editing By Hettie Grey Baker
Cinematography By Andre Barlatier, A. Culp, J. Roy Hunt, William Marshall, C. Richards, Marcel Le Picard, Edward Warren
Music By Robert Hood Bowers

United States



Release Date

October 17, 1916


180 Minutes

Distributed By

Fox Film Corporation

Budget $1,000,000
Gross $1,390,000


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  • Annette Kellerman as Anitia
  • William E. Shay as Prince Omar
  • Hal De Forrest as the Sultan
  • Marcelle Hontabat as Celine
  • Violet Horner as Zarrah
  • Jane Lee as Little Prince Omar
  • Katherine Lee as Nydia
  • Ricca Allen as Witch of Badness
  • Henrietta Gilbert as Fairy of Goodness
  • Walter James as Chief Eunuch



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