Dawn of the Dead
Dawn of the Dead 1978
Directed By George A. Romero
Written By George A. Romero
Cast David Emge, Gaylen Ross, Scott Reiniger, Ken Foree
Produced By Claudio Argento, Alfredo Cuomo, Richard P. Rubinstein
Film Editing By George A. Romero
Cinematography By Michael Gornick
Music By Dario Argento, Goblin

Laurel Group Inc.


United States



Release Date

September 2, 1978 (Italy), April 20, 1979 (United States)


117, 127, 139, and 155 Minutes

Rating R, X, and UR
Distributed By

United Film Distribution Company

Budget $650,000
Gross $55,000,000



  • David Emge as Stephen Andrews
  • Ken Foree as Peter Washington
  • Scott Reiniger as Roger DiMarco
  • Gaylen Ross as Francine Parker
  • David Crawford as Dr. Foster
  • David Early as Mr. Berman
  • Richard France as Scientist
  • Howard Smith as TV Commentator
  • Daniel Dietrich as Givens
  • Jim Baffico as Wooley
  • Jese del Gre as Old Priest
  • Tom Savini as Blades
  • Taso Stavrakis as Sledge
  • George Heake as Biker with Long Hair




Dawn of the Dead (1978) - Trailer02:38

Dawn of the Dead (1978) - Trailer

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