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The Day of the Triffids
The Day of the Triffids
Directed By Steve Sekely
Written By Bernard Gordon, Philip Yordan
Cast Howard Keel, Kieron Moore, Janette Scott, Nicole Maurey
Produced By George Pitcher, Philip Yordan
Film Editing By Spencer Reeve
Cinematography By Ted Moore
Music By Ron Goodwin and Johnny Douglas

Security Pictures Ltd


United Kingdom



Release Date

July 1962


93 Minutes

Distributed By

Rank Organisation, Allied Artists



  • Howard Keel as Bill Masen
  • Nicole Maurey as Christine Durrant
  • Janette Scott as Karen Goodwin
  • Kieron Moore as Tom Goodwin
  • Mervyn Johns as Mr. Coker
  • Ewan Roberts as Dr. Soames
  • Alison Leggatt as Miss Coker
  • Geoffrey Matthews as Luis de la Vega
  • Janina Faye as Susan
  • Gilgi Hauser as Teresa de la Vega
  • Carole Ann Ford as Bettina



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