Dead Ahead: The Exxon Valdez Disaster
Dead Ahead The Exxon Valdez Disaster
Directed By Paul Seed
Written By Michael Baker
Cast John Heard, Mark Metcalf, Jo Bates, Bruce Gray, Bob Gunton
Produced By David M. Thompson, John Smithson
Film Editing By Dave King
Cinematography By Ian Punter
Music By David Ferguson

HBO Films


United States



Release Date

December 12, 1992


90 Minutes

Rating PG-13
Distributed By

HBO Films



  • John Heard as Dan Lawn
  • Bob Gunton as Larry Dietrick
  • Mark Metcalf as Dennis Kelso
  • Bruce Gray as Gov. Steve Cowper
  • Jo Bates as Michelle Brown
  • Wally Marsh as John Janssen
  • John Maclaren as Al Kegler
  • Marek Czuma as Jim Hayden
  • Susan Astley as Jan Jackson
  • Frank C. Turner as Biologist
  • Christopher Lloyd as Frank Iarossi
  • Ron Frazier as Cornett
  • Remak Ramsay as Craig Rassiner
  • Malcolm Stewart as Dr. Gordon Lindblom
  • Richard Sargent as Ulysses Legrange
  • Tom McBeath as Bill Deppi
  • Forbes Angus as Paul Myers
  • Patricia Dahlquist as Millie Iarossi
  • Don S. Davis as Stevens
  • Paul Guilfoyle as Cmdr. Steve McCall
  • Eric Keenleyside as Gordon Taylor
  • Andrew Wheeler as Bruce Blanford
  • Michael Patten as Tom Falkenstein
  • J.B. Bivens as Mark Delozier
  • Rip Torn as Adm. Paul Yost
  • Michael Murphy as Bill Reilly
  • Kenneth Welsh as Sam Skinner
  • Peter Yunker as John Gaughan
  • Myron Natwick as George M. Nelson
  • Alex Bruhanski as Chuck O'Donnell
  • Bill Dow as Larry Shier
  • Ken Camroux as Dave Barnum
  • Leslie Carlson as Theo Polasek
  • Jackson Davies as Capt. Joseph Hazelwood
  • Philip Granger as 3rd Mate Greg Cousins
  • Peter LaCroix as Helmsman Claar
  • Peg Christopherson as A.B. Maureen Jones
  • Nathan Vanering as Helmsman Kagan
  • Anthony Ulc as 1st Mate Kunkel
  • David Morse as Rick Steiner
  • Timothy Webber as Jack Lamb
  • Tamsin Kelsey as Dr. Riki Ott
  • Michael Rogers as David Grimes



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