Dead Alive
Dead Alive
Directed By Peter Jackson
Screenplay By Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Stephen Sinclair
Cast Timothy Balme, Elizabeth Moody, Diana Penalver
Produced By Jim Booth
Film Editing By Jamie Selkirk
Cinematography By Murray Milne
Music By Peter Dasent

WingNut Films


New Zealand


English, Spanish

Release Date

August 13, 1992


103 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Trimark Pictures

Budget $3,000,000
Gross $1,870,578



  • Timothy Balme as Lionel Cosgrove
  • Diana Penalver as Paquita Maria Sanchez
  • Elizabeth Moody as Vera Cosgrove
  • Ian Watkin as Uncle Les Kalkon
  • Brenda Kendall as Nurse Emma McTavish
  • Stuart Devenie as Father Jon McGruder
  • Jed Brophy as Thomas Jacob "Void" Randell
  • Stephen Papps as Zombie Jon McGruder
  • Murray Keane as Pete "Scroat" Otis
  • Glenis Levestam as Mrs. Nora Matheson
  • Lewis Rowe as Mr. Albert Matheson
  • Elizabeth Mulfaxe as Rita Bridell
  • Harry Sinclair as Roger Tryton
  • Davina Whitehouse as Mary Sanchez
  • Silvio Famularo as Slaver Don Sanchez
  • Daniel Sabic as Baby Zombie Selwyn Matheson
  • Tommy Dee Jacy as Sumatran Rat-Monkey, Various Zombies
  • Bill Ralston as Stewart McAlden
  • Forrest J. Ackerman as Forry
  • Peter Vere-Jones as The Undertaker
  • Peter Jackson as The Undertaker's Assistant



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