Death Screams
Death Screams
Directed By David Nelson
Written By Paul C. Elliott
Cast Susan Kiger, Larry Sprinkle, Andria Savio, David Lenthall
Produced By Ernest Bouskos, Charles Ison
Film Editing By Jerry Whittington
Cinematography By Darrell Cathcart
Music By Dee Barton

ABA Productions


United States



Release Date

May 1982


88 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

United Film, Video Gems, Virgin Vision, MCA, EastWest Entertainment, Reel Media International, Madacy Entertainment



  • Susan Kiger as Lily Carpenter
  • Larry Sprinkle as Ted
  • Andria Savio as Kathy
  • David Lenthall as Jackson
  • Martin Tucker as Coach Neil Marshall
  • William T. Hicks as Sheriff Avery
  • John Kohler as Diddle
  • Jennifer Chase as Ramona
  • Jody Kay as Sandy
  • Kurt Rector as Bob
  • Josh Gamble as Tom
  • Hanns Manship as Casey
  • Helene Tryon as Edna Sharpe
  • Mary Fran Lyman as Agnes Bottomly
  • Mike Brown as Walker
  • Monica Boston as Sheila
  • Sharon Alley as Sara
  • Penny Miller as Angie
  • Bill Ison as Arch Johnson
  • Gail Minton as Brenda



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