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The Deaths of Ian Stone
The Deaths of Ian Stone
Directed By Dario Piana
Written By Brendan Hood
Cast Mike Vogel, Christina Cole, Jaime Murray, Jeff Peterson
Produced By Stan Winston, Ralph Kamp, Brian J. Gilbert
Executive Producer Steve Christian, Brendan Hood
Film Editing By Celia Haining
Cinematography By Stefano Morcaldo
Music By Elia Cmiral

Stan Winston Productions, Odyssey Entertainment, Isle of Man Film, SWFX


United Kingdom, United States



Release Date

July 26, 2007


87 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

After Dark Films, Lionsgate



  • Mike Vogel as Ian Stone
  • Jaime Murray as Medea
  • Christina Cole as Jenny Walker
  • Michael Feast as Gray
  • Charlie Anson as Josh Garfield
  • Michael Dixon as Brad Kopple
  • Marnix Van Den Broeke as Harvester 1
  • Andrew Buchan as Ryan
  • Jeff Peterson as Harvester 2
  • Clive Perrott as Harvester 3
  • Paul Warren as Emaciated Ian Body



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