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Dementia 13
Dementia 13
Directed By Francis Ford Coppola
Written By Francis Ford Coppola
Cast William Campbell, Luana Anders, Patrick Magee
Produced By Roger Corman
Film Editing By Stuart O'Brien, Morton Tubor
Cinematography By Charles Hannawalt
Music By Ronald Stein

United States



Release Date

September 25, 1963


80 Minutes

Distributed By

American International Pictures

Budget $42,000



  • William Campbell as Richard Haloran
  • Luana Anders as Louise Haloran
  • Patrick Magee as Dr. Justin Caleb
  • Bart Patton as Billy Haloran
  • Mary Mitchell as Kane
  • Eithne Dunne as Lady Haloran
  • Peter Read as John Haloran
  • Karl Schnazer as Simon
  • Ron Perry as Arthur
  • Derry O'Donovan as Lillian
  • Barbara Dowling as Kathleen Haloran



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