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Devil's Den
Devil's Den
Directed By Jeff Burr
Written By Mitch Gould
Cast Kelly Hu, Devon Sawa, Ken Foree, Dawn Olivieri
Produced By Mitch Gould, John Duffy
Film Editing By Louis F. Cioffi
Cinematography By Viorel Sergovici
Music By Jon Lee

United States



Release Date

October 22, 2006


84 Minutes

Budget $1,500,000



  • Kelly Hu as Caitlin
  • Devon Sawa as Quinn
  • Ken Foree as Leonard
  • Steven Schub as Nick
  • Karen Maxwell as Candy
  • Dawn Olivieri as Jezebel
  • Ken Ohara as Zatoichi
  • Melissa Barker as Ghoul
  • Kelly Guerrero as Pixie Ghoul
  • Jacki R. Chan as Ghoul #1
  • Eva-Maria Leonardou as Ghoul #2
  • Sarah Long as Ghoul #3
  • Robbin Ryan as Private Dancer #1
  • Robbyn Leigh as Private Dancer #2



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