The Devil's Own
The Devil's Own 1997
Directed By Alan J. Pakula
Screenplay By David Aaron Cohen, Vincent Patrick, Kevin Jarre, Robert Mark Kamen
Cast Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt, Margaret Colin, Ruben Blades
Produced By Robert F. Colesberry, Lawrence Gordon
Film Editing By Tom Rolf, Dennis Virkler
Cinematography By Gordon Willis
Music By James Horner




Release Date

March 26, 1997


111 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Columbia Pictures

Budget $90,000,000
Gross $140,807,547



  • Harrison Ford as Sergeant Tom O'Meara
  • Brad Pitt as Francis "Frankie" McGuire
  • Margaret Colin as Sheila O'Meara
  • Ruben Blades as Edwin Diaz
  • Treat Williams as Billy Burke
  • George Hearn as Peter Fitzsimmons
  • Mitchell Ryan as Deputy Chief Jim Kelly
  • Natascha McElhone as Megan Doherty
  • Paul Ronan as Sean Phelan
  • Simon Jones as Harry Sloan
  • Julia Stiles as Bridget O'Meara
  • Ashley Carin as Morgan O'Meara
  • Kelly Singer as Annie O'Meara
  • Shane Dunne as Young Frankie
  • Martin Dunne as Frankie's Father



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