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The Devil Commands
The Devil Commands
Directed By Edward Dmytryk
Written By Milton Gunzburg, William Sloane, Robert Hardy Andrews
Cast Boris Karloff, Richard Fiske, Amanda Duff, Anne Revere
Produced By Wallace MacDonald
Film Editing By Al Clark
Cinematography By Allen G. Siegler
Music By Morris W. Stoloff

United States



Release Date

February 3, 1941


65 Minutes

Distributed By

Columbia Pictures Corporation



  • Boris Karloff as Dr. Julian Blair
  • Richard Fiske as Dr. Richard Sayles
  • Amanda Duff as Anne Blair
  • Anne Revere as Mrs. Walters
  • Ralph Penney as Karl
  • Dorothy Adams as Mrs. Marcy
  • Walter Baldwin as Seth Marcy
  • Kenneth MacDonald as Sheriff Ed Willis
  • Shirley Warde as Helen Blair



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