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Diary of a High School Bride (1959)

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Diary of a High School Bride
Diary of a High School Bride
Directed By Burt Topper
Written By Mark Lowell, Jan Lowell
Screenplay By Mark Lowell, Jan Lowell, Burt Topper
Cast Anita Sands, Ron Foster, Wendy Wilde, Chris Robinson
Produced By Burt Topper
Film Editing By Edward Sampson
Cinematography By Gilbert Warrenton
Music By Ronald Stein

United States



Release Date

July 1959


72 Minutes

Distributed By

American International Pictures

Budget $80,000



  • Anita Sands as Judy
  • Ron Foster as Steve
  • Chris Robinson as Chuck
  • Wendy Wilde as Gina
  • Louise Arthur as Mrs. Lewis
  • Barney Biro as Mr. Lewis
  • Dick Gering as Richie
  • Peggy Miller as Patty



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