Dirt Merchant
Dirt Merchant
Directed By B.J. Nelson
Written By B.J. Nelson
Cast Danny Masterson, Julie Benz, Jenna Jameson, Brion James
Produced By B.J. Nelson, David Peipers, Ed Sanders, Clifford E. Wright
Film Editing By Karen Weintraub, Alan Roberts
Cinematography By Ken Blakey
Music By Jamie James

United States



Release Date

September 16, 1999


85 Minutes

Distributed By

Quantum Entertainment



  • Danny Masterson as Dirt Merchant
  • Julie Benz as Angie
  • Jenna Jameson as Holly So Tightly
  • David DeLuise as Sly
  • David Faustino as Sponge
  • Anthony Michael Hall as Jeffry Alan Spacy
  • Brion James as Detective Harry Ball
  • Tim Thomerson as Jack
  • Lee Arenberg as James Earl
  • Carlos Alazraqui as Ronny Orlando
  • Shark Fralick as Sgt. Sampson
  • Lisa Kushell as XTV Reporter
  • Elon Gold as Blood Banker
  • Kirsten Holmquist as Receptionist
  • Simon Brook as Rock Star
  • Wade Carpenter as Johnny Decay
  • Suzanne DeLaurentis as Jake's Secretary
  • Anne Getty as Poetry Girl
  • Nicholle Ginette as Janelle
  • Dale Godboldo as Zeke the Greek
  • Dawn Heusser as Karate Nurse
  • Tommy Hinkley as Mort Huskins
  • Sidney Liufau as El Nino
  • Vanessa Rooke as Hemp Girl
  • Clifford E Wright as The Masked Maniac



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