Dog Day Afternoon
Dog Day Afternoon
Directed By Sidney Lumet
Screenplay By Frank Pierson
Cast Al Pacino, Charles Durning, James Broderick, John Cazale
Produced By Martin Bregman, Martin Elfand
Film Editing By Dede Allen
Cinematography By Victor J. Kemper
Music By Elton John, Uriah Heep

United States



Release Date

September 21, 1975


125 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Warner Bros.

Budget $1,800,000
Gross $50,000,000



  • Al Pacino as Sonny Wortzik
  • John Cazale as Salvatore "Sal" Naturale
  • Charles Durning as Sergeant Eugene Moretti
  • James Broderick as Agent Sheldon
  • Lance Henriksen as Agent Murphy
  • Chris Sarandon as Leon Shermer
  • Penelope Allen as Sylvia "Mouth"
  • Sully Boyar as Mulvaney
  • Susan Peretz as Angela "Angie" Wortzik
  • Carol Kane as Jenny "The Squirrel"
  • Beulah Garrick as Margaret
  • Sandra Kazan as Deborah
  • Estelle Omens as Edna
  • Marcia Jean Kurtz as Miriam
  • Amy Levitt as Maria
  • Gary Springer as Stevie
  • John Marriott as Howard Calvin
  • Philip Charles MacKenzie as Doctor



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