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Dr. Caligari
Dr Caligari 1989
Directed By Stephen Sayadian
Written By Stephen Sayadian, Jerry Stahl
Cast Madeleine Reynal
Produced By Joseph F. Robertson
Film Editing By G. Martin Steiner
Cinematography By Ladi von Jansky
Music By Mitchell Froom

United States



Release Date

December 1, 1989


80 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Manley Films


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  • Madeleine Reynal as Dr. Caligari
  • Fox Harris as Dr. Avol
  • Laura Albert as Mrs. Van Houten
  • Jennifer Balgobin as Ramona Lodger
  • John Durbin as Gus Pratt
  • Gene Zerna as Les Van Houten
  • David Parry as Dr. Lodger
  • Barry Phillips as Cesare
  • Jennifer Miro as Miss Koonce
  • Stephen Quadros as Scarecrow
  • Debra De Liso as Grace Butler



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