The Duel
The Duel 2000
Directed By Andrew Lau
Screenplay By Wong Jing, Manfred Wong
Cast Andy Lau, Ekin Cheng, Nick Cheung, Kristy Yang, Zhao Wei
Produced By Wong Jing, Manfred Wong
Film Editing By Marco Mak
Cinematography By Andrew Lau
Music By Chan Kwong-Wing

Win's Entertainment Ltd.


Hong Kong



Release Date

February 3, 2000


106 Minutes

Distributed By

China Star Entertainment Group, Win's Entertainment, Ltd., BoB and Partners Co. Ltd.



  • Andy Lau as Yeh Cool Son
  • Ekin Cheng as Snow Blower Simon
  • Nick Cheung as Dragon Nine
  • Zhao Wei as Princess Phoenix
  • Kristy Yang as Ye Zing
  • Tien Hsin as Jade
  • Patrick Tam as Emperor
  • Norman Chu as "Thief Ghost" Ling Wun-hok
  • Elvis Tsui as Gold Moustache
  • Jerry Lamb as Dragon Seven
  • Frankie Ng as Dragon Five
  • Ronald Wong Ban as Dragon Six
  • Lee Sheung-man as Shek Tsi-lun
  • Wong Yat-fei as Minister
  • Liu Wei as Eunuch Lau Tong
  • Jing Gangshan as Tong Fei
  • Yin Xiaotian as Tong Ngo
  • Geng Le as Yim Tsi-chun
  • Yang Haiquan as Siu Tsi-chung



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