Duel to the Death
Duel to the Death 1983
Directed By Ching Siu-tung
Written By Ching Siu-tung, David Lai, Manfred Wong
Cast Damian Lau, Norman Chu, Flora Cheung, Paul Chang
Produced By Raymond Chow
Film Editing By Peter Cheung
Cinematography By Danny Lee, Lau Hung-chuen
Music By Michael Lai

Paragon Films Ltd.


Hong Kong



Release Date

January 13, 1983


86 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Golden Harvest



  • Damian Lau as Bo Ching-wan
  • Norman Chu as Hashimoto
  • Flora Cheung as Sing Lam
  • Paul Chang as Master Han
  • Eddy Ko as Kenji
  • Yeung Chak-lam as Senior Shaolin Monk
  • Kwan Yung-moon as Shaolin abbot
  • Casanova Wong as Swordsman Fighting Flying Ninjas
  • Hon Gwok-choi as Bo Ching-wan's Master
  • Stephan Yip as Japanese Troublemaker
  • Wilson Tong as Japanese Troublemaker
  • Gam San as Mr Fok
  • Lau Yat-fan as Sketch Artist
  • Cheng Mang-ha as Puppeteer's Wife
  • Bruce Mang Long as Swordsman



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