Dune 1984
Directed By David Lynch
Screenplay By David Lynch
Cast Kyle MacLachlan, Sting, Sean Young, Francesca Annis
Produced By Raffaella De Laurentiis
Film Editing By Antony Gibbs
Cinematography By Freddie Francis
Music By Toto, Brian Eno

Dino De Laurentiis Corporation


United States



Release Date

December 14, 1984


137 Minutes

Rating PG-13
Distributed By

Universal Pictures

Budget $40,000,000
Gross $30,925,690
Based on Dune by Frank Herbert



  • Kyle MacLachlan as Paul Atreides
  • Francesca Annis as Lady Jessica
  • Kenneth McMillan as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen
  • Sting as Feyd-Rautha
  • Everett McGill as Stilgar
  • Sean Young as Chani
  • Jurgen Prochnow as Duke Leto Atreides
  • Jose Ferrer as Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV
  • Paul Smith as The Beast Rabban
  • Patrick Stewart as Gurney Halleck
  • Dean Stockwell as Dr. Wellington Yueh
  • Freddie Jones as Thufir Hawat
  • Brad Dourif as Piter De Vries
  • Max von Sydow as Dr. Kynes
  • Sian Phillips as Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam
  • Virginia Madsen as Princess Irulan
  • Linda Hunt as the Shadout Mapes
  • Richard Jordan as Duncan Idaho
  • Silvana Mangano as Reverend Mother Ramallo
  • Jack Nance as Captain Iakin Nefud
  • Alicia Witt as Alia Atreides
  • Honorato Magalone as Otheym
  • Judd Omen as Jamis
  • Molly Wryn as Harah
  • Leonardo Cimino as The Baron's Doctor
  • Humberto Elizondo as Czigo
  • Ramon Menendez as Kinet



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